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What is Micro Photography?

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photographyThis is a type of photography in which the objects captured are very tiny. In this kind of photography the image that is seen is usually 20 times bigger than the actual size or more. Compared to macro photography in which the objects captured can be seen with the naked eye, in micro photography the image shows what the naked can never see. In order to take such photos, the camera needs to be attached to a microscope. The microscope magnifies the image and the camera lens magnifies it even more. To attach the camera to the microscope a specialty adapter called a T-adapter is used. These adapters are accommodating and can take any camera from the older SLRs to the new DSLR cameras.

PhotographersUnlike conventional way, (close-up and macro) which may be performed for many reasons including leisure and other uses, micro is mainly used in studying of microscopic items. It is mainly applied in research laboratories to capture images of what is seen under the microscope so as to reserve it as evidence or to use the image to study the subject later on. They are useful in fields like laboratory science, pathology and forensic science to name but a few. Virtually any field that involves studying of items under the microscope can benefit from this type.

Items whose photos can be taken using micro photography need to be small enough to fit in the field of a microscope. This means that with this kind of photography you cannot expect to take pictures of large items like trees. You will only be able to see a small part at a time in the shots taken. The camera basically takes an image of what is on the microscope’s field of view and gives details that are not evident when looked at with the naked eye in the small part.

The pictures produced from micro photography are known as micrographs. These contain a lot of information about the details of the image including the structure and the behavior of the image under different condition. This kind of photography has made it very easy to study disciplines that require the use of microscopes. Images taken by this method are used as illustrations for teaching the students.

The field of micro photography also known as photomicroscopy was first introduced by Roman Vishniac who was a Russian-American photographer. He was also an accomplished biologist and was particularly interested in living insects. He worked with different kinds of specimen like protozoa and fire flies and worked to observe their motion under the microscope while taking pictures.