Place Films

Putting the Right Place in the Right Frame

It’s important to know what you’re trying to accomplish with a film. If you’re looking to put something in the right context you will need to know how to place the scenes and information in the right order. Exclusion of information is almost as important as inclusion of information when creating a film that is not shot on the site of the actual events. Countless times I’ve watched films and cringed knowing that the film was shot in LA instead of New York, or Morocco instead of Turkey, or New Mexico instead of the Sahara.

Excluding the Extra

Stripping down to the bare minimum can help you get things out of the context of actual location and into the virtual location you are trying to create. It would seem that computer generated illustration could take a viewer to a more realistic place but without a first hand knowledge of a place then the cgi often falls short of the hoped for effect. CGI can sometimes be more distracting for setting in a film than using an actual but wrong setting. A viewer can be as disturbed by the lack of reality of a place as they are by the frustration of seeing signs in Hindi when the film is supposed to be taking place in China.


Distance and Time

The distance between cities and points of interests in cities cause another issue for the critical viewer and can illustrate the inexperience of the film director and producer. The assumption that viewers like to see new places must be balanced by the truth that most media is best enjoyed by those who have a first hand knowledge of the content. Hence the greatest viewers of film media are those who have first read and can compare the written books and scripts. Familiarity breeds affection when it comes to moving media. So, for those who have visited a place it is important that a place film incorporates the virtues and vices of a region including two hour transportation gaps in big cities and open expanses of nothing in between points of interest. This must be done while still incorporating large portions of a films placement to take place in the beautiful settings of a countries rich heritage.

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